Business Management

Revenus Analysis, Rates, Commissions and Customer Status

Business Analytics Reports - These reports summarize and graph your business results from different perspectives. The Business Summary Report provides a quick one page summary of your business revenue from the daily totals by type. The Business Source report categorizes your business by Referral Source. The Agent report shows the business by agent with sales percentages. The Insurance sales summarize sales by Insurance and Waiver Types. The Airport report is optionally generated for the Airport Authorities.

Fleet Analytics Reports - The class revenue reports and graphs total revenue, utilization, and per day. The fleet utilization shows the utilization and revenue by vehicle.

Rental Rates Grid - This Grid is used to set your rates by car class and rate code. The rate code is used to enable rate changes to reflect demand.

System Rates Form - This form sets the rates for all taxes and Waiver/Insurance sales.

Commisions Grid - This grid shows the individual commission sales. It includes the contact information and commission rate. The Commission ID is entered at time the contract is opened.

Commisions Report - The ĎAll Commissions Reportí shows a list of all commissions by Commission Id for the period. It lists the number of rentals and the total revenue and commissions amount. The Commissioned Contracts shows a list of contract for a specific Commission ID.

Citations Grid - The grid includes all citations received and date received and action taken.

Do Not Rent Grid - This information is used to njotify the Counter agent that a Renter has previously rented and caused problems. It is organized by Drivers License Issuer and number.