Rental Information Management Software RIMS

One Click access to all your Business Information

The software has a very simple user interface illustrated by the adjacent form the main RIMS form. The command buttons at the top activate similar forms for each major component of your Car Rental Agency business. The command buttons on the component forms activate active grids and forms for that specific component.

The major RIMS components are:

Customer Service - All customer and point of sale activities are supported by the grids and forms. This includes Renter information, contracts opened/closed/updated. Also supports Reservation creation and updates. Various reports document all the transactions and summarize and validate the activites of the period. It assures that all the totals for money and fleet vehicles are accurate and validated.

Fleet Management - All information on your fleet is entered and reviewed in this area. The grids, forms and reports display status, expenses, financing and net returns. Major grids display the entire Fleet, Available vehicles, not available vehicles and out of fleet vehicles.

Business Management - Provides reports and graphs used to track the success of your business model and fleet selection. Forms are included to specify all rental and insurance rates. Other forms monitor and track referral sources, commissions, citations and undesirable renters.

Business Strategy - The active grids are used to implements your business strategy that includes locations, agents, fleet vehicle classes, business sources and payment options.