Business Stategy

Car Classes, Rental Options, Business Sources, Location and Agents

Fleet Class Grid - Define the classes of fleet vehicles with this grid each Class has an ID, Description and deductible. Each of the fleet vehicles is assigned a class. Classes are used for assigning contract rates and are used in analyzing your fleet composition.

Contract Options Grid - Define all the additional products and services you can offer to your customers. These also can include other charges added to recover contract violations, citations and damage.

Miscellaneous Options Summary Report- This report shows a summary of the revenue from the contract options for the period defined.

Payment Option Grid - Define all the various payment types you accept. Each Type has an ID, Description and options to add your payment processor account. In this case, Rims will send all transactions to the payment processor for validation.

Business Source Grid - Enter all the sources you depend on to bring you customers. Every source has an id and description. New customers are assigned the Id of the source of the customer. Rims add this information to contract and generate analytic reports on the results.

Location Grid - Enter one or more locations that pertain to your business. Each Locations on has an ID and description. . Locations are assigned to both fleet vehicles and contracts. RIMS keeps track of all your business by location Id.

Agent Grid - Enter all your Rims users. Each user has a location, name, password and privilege level. The privilege level defines the user access to the grids and forms based on their privilege level. The Privilege levels are Owner, Manager, Agent and lot attendant.